The Bracewell Reunion meet on June 4, 1972 for the 36th year.  Vice-President David

Bracewell was in charge in the absence of President Doyle Tuck.  David welcomed all present and opened with a song lead by Raymond and Ruby playing.  We all sang “Standing on the Promises”, and Charles Bracewell lead in the opening prayer.


The reading of the minutes were read and approved.  The treasury report showed $51.05 in Reunion Fund and $46.43 in Mt. Pleasant Cemetary Fund.


We recognized one visitor Mrs. Herrington, Charles Bracewell’s mother-in-law.  She played a special piece on the piano and dicated it to Charles, who has surrendered to preach.

            Resolutions were not read this year, but we announced that there would be one wrote and put in the minutes for Willie Bracewell, Mr. & Mrs. U. C. Bracewell, Jewell Pepperman, and David Druckhammer.

            New limbs that were added were:

Barto:   Steven Stover born to Laura and Craig Stover               

            Dustin Scott born to Kenneth and Barbara Dooley                                 11-13-71

            James W. Southern married Sandy Mae Westful                           6-12-71

Joseph Searcy Bracewell III married Peggy Donnely                                  6-12-71

Walter:  Gene Bracewell married Phyllis Friend                                         5-  5-71

Uriah:   Tamme Maureena born to Darrell and Sue Hall                               5-18-71

Frank:   Angela               born to Doris and Steve Donato



Ida:       Joe Jr. born to Sue and Joe Turner                                                          4-11-72

             Marc Jason born to Vicki and Charles Cary                                              6-13-69

             Jonathan Lee born to Weldon               Hall                                           10-14-69             

            Weyman Hall married Linda Watkins

            Steven Lee born to Weyman and Linda Hall                                                  8-10-65

            Rodney Glenn born to Weyman and Linda Hall                                  1-25-69

            William Jason born to Judith and William Smith                                12-3-71

            Nona Sue married David Dewitt Higginbotham                                  12-4-71

            Joe Taylor ask for suggestions on how to commerate the 100th anniversary of Joseph Marrion settling here.  There was a discussion on this and David Bracewell motioned that we all meet here to eat and then go to the Cemetary for a special service.  It was seconded and carried.  We also discussed putting a marker of some kind up.

            Cemetary report by Raymond showed $950.54 in the permanent care fund with accumulated interest from 9 – 16-71.  We can use interest from permanent fund for the up keep on the cemetary.  It was voted to put all collections into the Reunion Fund.

            Nominating Committee offered David as President, Charles Bracewell as Vice-President and Linda Massey as Cecretary-Treasure.  Joe made motion to accept these and it was seconded and carried.

            The Devotional was given by Charles Bracewell from Acts 16:30 and other scriptures.  We were again lead in song by Raymond and sang “Revive Us Again.”  We had a closing prayere.

            The bountiful lunch was blessed at the table.

                                                                                                David Bracewell, Vice-Pres.

                                                                                                Linda Massey, Sec.-Tres


Reunion Balance:      $52.83

Present Cemetary Fund:        $26.43

Didn’t get balance of Premanent Fund.

Since you know that we are expecting an addition, well it is due May 25 but if for some reason I can’t make it

to the Reunion Mother or Gene’s wife Phyllis will take care of the minutes for me.  I have no idea how many

mistakes there are in this but look over them I’m trying to do this at work in a great big hurry.  Let me know if I

can help any way.


Typed with spelling as in the original by Mildred Powell