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Opened meeting by president

Visitors:      Mr. & Mrs. R. B. Tuck

                   W. E. Phillips, San Angelo

                   Loraine Bracewell   (indecipherable)

(ATTENDEES)—(this is not in the written record)

Barto Bracewell             20

Joe        “                        24

Calvin   “                         1

Walter   “                       10

Frank    “                         6

Emma                              6

Elbert    “

Hugh     “                         4


Travis presented flowers to Aunt Ida the only living relative of the older group.

Song led by Raymond Bracewell accompanied by Ruby Bracewell.  When we all get to Heaven.

Devotional by Don Crowson taken from 1 John 1-3

Willie Bracewell  Tribute to fathers of the Bracewells.

Family Tree by Reginald

Lou Ann – Thomas Wagner   (Clarice Peavy)

Nell Bracewell--Kimberly Jo     Oct 4th

Sam B. Farris  --

Patric Lewis Stephens    Nov 8   (see Mona)

Ernest Bracewell –Wilburn – son born

Daughter-in-law – Joe Bracewell married

Reg –welcome to visitors not directly related to grandfather Bracewell.

Deceased – Elton Tuck – Talk by Searcy Bracewell – resolution to be drawn later.

Mary Rose Stephens died since last meeting.

Reading of minutes – motion made that minutes stand approved as read.

Recognized by fartherist distance:  W. E. Phillips—San Angelo, Texas

Discussion of Mt. Pleasant Semitary.  Decided to take collection for Semitary fund—

Nominating committee recommend

President    Don Crowson

Vice President    Malcolm Bracewell

Sec. Treas    Odessa Bracewell

Elected by acclimation.

                             Copied from the original as written by Mildred Powell