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June 6, 1954

Song – Earl Bracewell – Stand up for Jesus

Prayer – Uncle Frank

Love lifted Me

Devotional by Druie Farris  13 chapter of 1 Cor

Minutes read and approved

Sick list – Gladys Hall (Wayman)

Report from Nominating Committee

Recommended   -   President    -   Reg. Bracewell

                           Vice-President -  Raymond Bracewell

   Sec. Treas  -                 ---           Druie Farris

Nominating Committee elected

  1. Uncle Frank Bracewell
  2. Uncle Elbert Bracewell
  3. Malcom Bracewell
  4. Emmit Bracewell

Resolutions of respect – Prepared by Reginald Bracewell

          Additions to Families

Earl Druckhammer  --  Anna Lou Bracewell

Dec. 11 – 1954

Norman Ray  27 Sept. Born Malcom

Grandson to Aunt Tump Keith Phillips--born Nov. 13, 1954 (correct date is 1953 (mp))

Lorene Bracewell Young – girl born May 28th – Locy Bracewell’s granddaughter

Talk made by Hulon – Uncle Hugh Bracewell

Collection taken—

Motion made and c  that Charles Lewis be written a letter of congratulations as to his education achievements—

Recogni. of visitors

Motion made that we adjorn for lunch.   Dismissed with prayer by Hulon Hall.


                                                Copied from the original as written – Mildred Powell