Minutes (1949)

On June 5th, 1949 the “Bracewell Bunch” met for their regular yearly meeting.

Program for the day was as follows:

            Songs:  Lily of the Valley and “Showers of Blessing” led by Billy Peavy

            Prayer – Frank Bracewell

            Devotional – Uncle Hugh, his theme being “Find Spirituality in Home Life”.

            Prayer – Uncle Hugh

            Program chairman, Hulon Hall, took charge and introduced the McKinney Chapel Five – Anderson, Texas.  They rendered several spiritual songs.

            History and resolutions were given by Uncle Frank.  Reasons for not having booklets complete were given by Bill Peavy.

            The new branches were named and a walking cane was presented to Earl Bracewell who had just turned Grand-pa.

            Motion made and carried that a token of love and best wishes be sent to James Nesmith who was ill in John Sealy Hospital in Galveston.

            Motion made that proper resolutions be drawn up for Mrs. Harrison and Mr. Bob Midkiff and placed along with others in the minutes.

            The report from recommendation committee was given and the following officers elected for the year 1950.

                        Raymond Bracewell  -  President

                        Frank Bracewell  -  Vice President

                        Mrs. Ruth White  -  Sec. Treas.

            The same recommendation committee was retained for another year.

            Balance:  $102.10