On June 19, 1966 we met at the Bedias Civic Center for the annual Bracewell Reunion.  Meeting was opened by Vice Pres. Selwyn Bracewell.  The opening song “When we all get to Heaven” was led by Raymond with Ruby at the piano.  Prayer by Selwyn.  All were welcomed with a special welcome to visitors who were recognized at this time.

Devotional was brought by Don Crowson.  He read a part of Matt. 25.

            Minutes of the 1965 meeting were read and approved.

            Treasurer report of $131.23 on hand and cemetery fund for $28 or $29.

Resolutions were read for our deceased:

            Mrs Ida Crowson

            Searcy Bracewell

            Emmett Bracewell

Reunion voted to send a greeting to Victor since he was unable to attend.

Travis Bracewell, Druie Farris, & Raymond Bracewell were elected as a cemetery committee since Victor resigned because of his health.

New limbs added to the family tree:

            Eva June  -- Born Jan 3, 1966 to Ray Bracewell

            Stephen Paul  --  “ Nov 9, 1965 to Sam B. Farris

            Melinda Joy    “    Oct, 1965 to Dpnny Bracewell

            Joe Taylor adopted David Joseph  -- born Apr 3, 1964

            Sue Crowson Married Joe Turner Feb.7, 1966

            Phyllis Kay Dooley “  Leonard Donald Holder  June 18, 1966 (?)

            Howard White   “  Carla Woods  March 5, 1966

The nominating committee composed of Ruby Phillips, Druie Farris & Bertha Grawl recommended the following officers for next year:

            Pres.  Gladys Hall

            V. Pres.  Dickie Farris

            Sec, Treas   Mary Bracewell

All were elected by acclamation.

A collection of $44.64 was taken and it was agreed to divide it 40% to reunion & 60% to cemetery fund.

We were dimissed with a prayer by Raymond.

                                                Vice Pres.  Selwyn Bracewell

                                                Sec.            Mary Bracewell


End of 1965                $122.71

Collection                                $29.07                                                   151.89

Ice                      3.55

Clean Bldg         2.00             

Rent for 1966   15.00                20.55                                                     20.55

                                                $  8.52                                                 $131.23  


                                                Copied from the original (as written) by Mildred Powell