June 1965

Meeting of the Bracewell reunion was opened with a song led by Raymond Bracewell accomp. by Linda Massey.  Visitors were welcomed by Pres. Don Crowson.

            We had a report on the cemetery fund—around $13.00.

            Resolutions are to be sent to families of our deceased:

                        Lorraine Leonard

                        Betty Eakins

                        R. B. Tuck

Family tree was then brought up to date.


James Massey married Linda Bracewell         Apr 10, 1965

                        Charles Carey     “              Vickie Hall                       Apr  9, 1965

                        Anna Hall               “           Donny Bracewell

                        Emmett Bracewell  --    2 grandchildren


Officers elected for 1966 were:

                        Malcolm Bracewell     Pres.

                        Selwyn Bracewell                   Vice Pres.                               

                        Mary Bracewell                       Sec-Treas.

Special music was brought by Donna Crowson, Vickie Carey & Weyman Hall.

Devotional by Ruth White.

Program by Byrda Lynn Bracewell

Gladys asked that a word be sent by the reunion to her mother to tell her how badly she was missed.

Dismissed by Dr. Griggs.

                                                            Don Crowson, Pres.

                                                            Odessa Bracewell, Sec-Treas

                                    Typed from original (as written) by Mildred Powell