Dear Bracewell Kin:

At the annual meeting of the Bracewell Reunion in 1969 a resolution was passed to establish a permanent maintenance fund for Mount Pleasent Cemetery, where so many of our ancestors and relatives are buried.

Type of Fund

To insure that the fund, and the cemetery maintenance, is permanent, it is necessary that the fund is large enough so that the annual interest only is used for maintenance.

How The Fund Will Be Used

We have set a goal for the fund of Two Thousand ($2,000) Dollars. The resolution setting up the fund provides adequate supervision to insure that this fund will not be misused. The interest from the fund will be used exclusively for cemetery maintenance and improvement.

We will send a copy of the resolution setting up the fund, a list of persons buried at Mount Pleasent, and a report on the amount collected for the fund to all who contribute to the fund. This information is also available to anyone who would like to have it before deciding on their contribution by writing us for it.

We Must Act Now

The number of Bracewells who's parents and personally remembered loved one are buried at Mount Pleasent is growing smaller. It is only natural that later generations will not feel the same sense of responsibility for proper and dignified maintenance of the cemetery that we do. We want to know that the cemetery will be as well kept 100 years from now as it is today.

What You Can Do

This is to be our first and last call. Please contribute all you can.
We need some pledges of Fifty ($50.) and One Hundred ($100.) Dollars, but One ($1 .00) Dollar will help. Mail the pledge slip, or your check, now before, you forget, pay later if you wish. We hope you will answer by return mail so that we can give a report at the reunion June 6th.


Hulon C Hall
RB Bracewell





I will feel better knowing that my loved ones at Mount Pleasant will always be remembered.

My Contribution is Enclosed: ____________

I Pledge to Contribute $___________per year for _________ years.

Signed: ____________________