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            Be it resolved by the descendants of Joseph Marion Bracewell gathered at the annual Bracewell Reunion that a memorial fund be established as follows:

I.          NAME:

The name of this fund shall be “THE BRACEWELL DESCENDANTS MEMORIAL FUND”.


The fund is established and dedicated for the following purposes:

  1. To provide a permanent fund to mark and maintain, in dignity, the final resting place of our ancestors at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, near Bedias in Grimes County, Texas.
  2. To provide information to descendants concerning those ancestors who are buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, their grave locations, and relationship to Joseph Marion Bracewell.

The fund is to be established utilizing cash contributions, pledges of contributions, bequeaths, and any other available source of funds.

    1. The fund is to be supervised and directed by a committee of five (5) Trustees elected to the committee as follows:
      1. One (1) member from the trust institution or bank wherein funds are deposited, such committeeman to be designated by that bank.
      2. One (1) member from Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, appointed by the deacons or board of that church so long as that church continues to function.  This seat to revert to the Bracewell descendants should the church cease to function.
      3. Three (3) members from the descendants of Joseph Marion Bracewell to be elected at each annual meeting of the Bracewell reunion.  Replacement Trustees to be elected at the next Bracewell Reunion, by the attending descendants, following the occurrence of a vacancy, or by the remaining Trustees in the event the annual reunion is no longer held.  All Trustees from the Bracewell descendants to be blood descendants of Joseph Marion Bracewell and it is recommended that at least two (2) of these Trustees be of the surname “Bracewell”.
      4. Tenure of Trustees shall be for life, or until resignation, or certification of incompetency.
    2. The Trustees shall have the responsibility to solicit and accept contributions to the fund.
    3. The Trustees are directed to use only the income from the basic fund for cemetery maintenance.  The value of the basic fund shall not be reduced.
    4. The use and management of the fund shall be at the sole discretion of the Trustees in carrying out these purposes who shall make a report to the Bracewell descendants at the annual reunion.  If the reunions cease to meet a written report shall be mailed to listed contributors annually.
    5. The Trustees shall elect from their number a chairman whose duties shall include preparation of reports, disbursement of funds for expenses approved by Trustees, and communicating to the Trustees all business requiring consideration by them.
    6. Articles of this resolution to be amended only by a vote of four (4) Trustees for the amendment.
    7. Should Bracewell reunion cease to meet annually, and the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church cease to function, and a majority of the Trustees so vote, the fund shall be assigned to Grimes County.

Adopted on this the 15th day of June, 1969.


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