What: Bracewell Reunion

When: April 13th    10am

Where: Bedias Civic Center

Bring: Potluck lunch, old family photos.


Greetings Bracewell Family,

This year will be the 77th annual Joseph Marion Bracewell Family Reunion. Stop and think about that number. How many organizations, groups, or events have been meeting for seventy-seven consecutive years. Over the past few years, the attendance has increased due to a growth in the younger generation’s attendance. This growth is critical to continue our family tradition of gathering once a year to share and celebrate our common ancestry.  Please bring your entire family out this year and celebrate with us.

Website Update:

                The www.bracewellfamily.com website is under construction at this time and moving to a new home with updated software and security. This entire process is expected to take about a year as all the information has to be manually moved to the new site one record at a time. The security on the old site had become outdated and the site itself was unreliable due to outdated software.

Genealogy Update:

                I had a project in Elgin, TX this year and was able to stop in at our cousins BBQ market, www.Southsidemarket.com. Bryan Bracewell and I talked over lunch and we shared some of our common ancestry and interesting stories. Bryan’s family connects back to the Joseph Marion branch in Georgia through our common ancestor Richard III and Charity Bracewell. Some will remember Bryan’s Grandfather Ernest Bracewell who attended the reunion in 2008. If you are ever in Elgin, stop by, pick up a plate of good food, and ask for Bryan.

Wade Morgan from the Uriah Clark Bracewell branch has provided a lot of information for the family tree on his branch.  Cameron Bracewell, Marialice Binford Shaffer, Shirley A Takacs, Max W. Felty, and many others have also contributed to the family research this year. Thank you to everyone who helps preserves our family history.

The Family Tree is currently on ancestry.com and is growing by several hundred people each year. If you would like to view the family tree on ancestry just let me know. I can send an invite to view the tree, photos, and documents. The family tree currently has 2613 People, 450 Photos, 43 Stories, 5738 documents. The Bracewell archive currently has about 1700 additional family photos, and 1400 additional family documents.

If you have any family photos you would like to share or would like to have a photo on the family tree please send them to me.