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77th Annual Bracewell Reunion


The Bracewell family invites you to the 77th annual Joseph Marion Bracewell family reunion. Each year we gather together to share our common ancestry and reunite with extended family members.

No designated program this year so we have plenty of time to share stories and get to know everyone.

When: April 14, 2013  (10am, until last person is gone)

Where: Civic Center in Bedias, Texas

Full kitchen for the potluck lunch.          Playground for the children.








The past year the active research has shifted from the website to Ancestry now hosts our Bracewell Research Tree and supporting documents such as birth certificates, census records, etc. These documents are freely available to anyone who would like to see them; however, ancestry requires you to be invited and sign up for a free account. If you would like more information contact Russell Bracewell.

Jim Bracewell has provided detailed documentation on the Civil War letters entitled “Five Georgia Brothers”. His documentation points out that these were not brothers as the title suggest. One example comes from: THE COURIER HERALD, Dublin, Georgia, 3 June, 2003, "THE BRACEWELLS WRITE HOME FROM THE WAR"

"On March 4, 1862 James W. Bracewell, Wiley K. Bracewell and John C. Bracewell enlisted in the Laurens Volunteers, Company G, 49th Georgia Infantry. Two months later, Jesse A. Bracewell and William S.A. Bracewell joined the company. Jesse and John were brothers. Wiley and William were also brothers. The remaining member of the quintet was their cousin James."

The full article will be published online soon.


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                      1940 CENSUS UPDATE

Last year I reported the 1940 census release. This census provides insight into the lives of our parents and grandparents living in 1940. See your family by requesting access to the Bracewell Research Tree.


It is hard to believe our family website will become a teenager October 1st. As with all teenagers it is time to sit down and talk about the future. The site has undergone four major revisions in 13 years. In the last couple months the fifth revision has started the planning stage. This will be the hardest one yet requiring hand transferring of several thousand documents. This revision will bring better security, reliability, and be more compatible with today’s programming languages.

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