April 9, 2002

Ronnie Bracewell

Dear Ronnie,

Here are the people who have agreed to tell a humorous story related to their occupations at the upcoming reunion on April 21, 2002. As we agreed, I am mailing a copy of this to each one as a reminder.

  • Airline Pilot                                   Ken Farris
  • Engineer                                         Willis Steed
  • Farmer                                           Raymond Bracewell
  • Government - Postal worker           Ken Dooiey
  • Lawyer                                          Searcy Bracewell
  • Teacher (cousin's story)                  John Heath
  • Writer                                            Mary Ann Bracewell
  • ***** - security systems                Russell Bracewell

We will all be glad to hear from Russell Bracewell about the Bracewell website which he has set up on the internet.

Raymond has suggested, and I surely agree, that as time permits we should recognize other occupations which Bracewell descendants are now engaged in. Raymond offered to bring a recorder so that our program can be recorded. Here is where you could bring in how long your company has been in business.

Searcy suggested that I "emcee" this part of the program, which I will be glad to do.

The regular business meeting can follow, which you will handle, as we discussed.

Here's looking forward to a great reunion!


Mildred Schmidt