June 6, 1993

The Family of William Bracewell & Elizabeth (Stephens) Bracewell

The Reunion was begun in 1936 by the descendants of Joseph Marion & Emiline (James) Bracewell. Over the years much has been written about them and their (9) children. This paper will discuss James Marion's parents and his (12) brothers and sisters.

It is of some interest that at least (5) of the (13) children came to Texas. Elizabeth was born October 6, 1800 and passed away December 31, 1862. William was born October 13, 1800 and was still alive at the 1870 Census. It is likely that he and Elizabeth are both buried in the Skipperville, Alabama area.

Our records show that William and Elizabeth were married January 24, 1819. Their children are listed below.

The children who came to Texas appear in bold type:

1)      JAMES NEWTON, Born late October 1820. Came to Corsicana, Texas in 1875. Married Emily Eliza Jackson. Had many children, some settled in the Bedias area, visited their first cousins (Joseph Marion's 44 children) and many attended the early reunions.


2)      William Jasper, Born April 6, 1872, No further information.

3)        Mathew, Born February 16, 1823, No further information.

4)      Uriah, Born January 13, 1825, was shown in the 1870 census as 45 years old, living near Skipperville, Dale County, Alabama with wife Jane, 43; son B.F., 19; and daughter M.L., age 5.

5)      Richard Riley, Born January 9, 1827. Riley apparently has some descendants in Texas.

6)      ARTIMACIL, Born November 14, 1828. Married Stephen Barnes. Buried at McAdams Cemetery. Descendants still living in the Huntsville area.

7)      MARY ANN (GIBSON), Bon March 29, 1830. Married G.M.T. Gibson, no children. Buried at Methodist Cemetery, Bedias.

8)      Benjamin Stephens, Born February 28, 1832. No further information.

9)      JOSEPH MARION, Born January 13, 1834, Died June 13, 1906. The reunion has a great deal of information on J.M., his service in the Civil War, his (9) children, and life in Texas. Joseph and Emiline are buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, (5) miles Northeast of Bedias.


10)       Elizabeth, Born March 26, 1837. No further information.

  1. Sarah Ann, Born October 21, 1838. No further information.

12)       Rhoda Ann, Bon February 25, 1841. No futher information.

13)       NANCY ANN (WARD), Born January 23, 1846. Moved to Texas with sister Mary Ann and brother-in-law George Gibson. Nancy Ann and Mr. Ward are buried in Bedias. Their descendants are still living in the Huntsville area.

William Bracewell was a well educated man. We know that he was a census taker and participated in political activities. This information has been prepared from reunion files. We welcome any corrections or additional information. You will note that we have no information on some of Joseph Marion's brothers and sisters. We hope that some family member or genealogist will use the little bit of information we have provided to begin research on these Bracewell ancestors.