Bedias Community Center

Bedias, Texas

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In Special Remembrance
Of Joseph Benjamin Bracewell

June 3, 1979


Joseph Benjamin Bracewell

Second Child of Joseph Marion and Emiline Bracewell
Born July 27, 1863 Laurensville, Alabama
Died December 30, 1941 Bedias, Texas
Buried at Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery, Bedias

Joseph Benjamin was born while his father was in the Confederate Army. He was 18 months old when Joseph Marion walked back home from Greensboro, North Carolina at wars end.

At the age of twenty-three, Joseph Benjamin was married to Mollie Shanks, October 20, 1886. From this union came seven children:

Ernest Wilburn October 26, 1888
Charles Emmett February 26, 1890
Joseph Searcy June 9, 1392
Beulah Bertha May 9, 1893
Bertha Elyira August 4, 1902
Reginald Shanks April 4, 1904
Benjamin Franklin (Little Frank} March 7, 1909

After Aunt Mollie's passing July 13, 1913, Joseph Benjamin took a second wife, Hermine Rikard and two additional children were born:

Ruth Cornelius February 10, 1922
John Bunyon April 13, 1924

Joseph Benjamin never missed a Bracewell Reunion while he lived. He was 78 years of age at his death.



Selwyn Bracewell, President, Presiding

10:30 Visiting and Reacquaintance
1l:00 Welcome and Recognition of Visitors
Song Service: Led by Raymond Bracewell
Opening Prayer
Old Business: (Cemetery Fund Report)
New Business: (Family tree Update)
(Memorial Resolutions)
Election of Officers



Audience Participation

Roll Call of the Ancestors and Moment of Silence

Benediction and Blessing of Lunch

12:00 LUNCH

We would appreciate help from anyone who can stay over a few minutes to clean up the community center.


Grandchildren of Joseph Benjamin Bracewell

Ernest Wilburn Bracewell, Jr. Joseph Searcy Bracewell, Jr.
Zelda Oyce Bracewell Bradley Fentress Bracewell
Joe Elliud Bracewell Ervin F. Nesmith
Charles Selwyn Bracewell Vernice Nesmith
Barbara Merle Bracewell James C. Nesmith
Alma Glynn Bracewell Leroy Grawl
Launa Elvira Bracewell Stanley Grawl
Emmett F. Bracewell Byrda Lynn Bracewell
Thelma Earl Bracewell Nona Sue Bracewell
Curtis B. Bracewell Judith Lee Bracewell
Sarah Nell Bracewell David Lee White
Benjamin R. Bracewell Howard R, White
Alton Van White


Bedias, Brimes county, Texas
** Photo **

Here are 22 of the Joseph Benjamin group at the 1955 Reunion (Mt. Pleasant). Six of the nine children are in this group photo.


Cousin Clyde, one of our favorite in-laws, attends the reunion every year. She lives in Austin as does 2 of her children, Zelda {workman) who has 2 children, Nina and Julie; and Joe who lives in Austin, has 2 children and works for the American Statesman Newspaper.


Selwyn lives in Humble and works in Houston. He has 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Barbara Merle (Edison) has 4 children, 5 grandchildren, and lives in Corrigan, Texas. Alma Glen (Southern) has 3 children, 5 grandchildren and lives in Irvin (Dallas). Fred has 2 children and 2 grandchildren. He lives in Houston. Thelma Earl (Weygandt) has three children and lives in Houston. Curtis lives in Houston and has 5 children. Sara Nell (Salsbury) has 3 children. She lives in Austin. Bennie Ray lives in Houston. He has 3 children and 1 grandchild. Mary Ann (Rydale) lives in Houston. She has 3 children. Donald Jean has 2 children. Ronald Dean is still single.



Joseph lives in Houston. He is one of the principals in the law firm of Bracewell & Patterson and is Managing Director of Shearson/American Express. Inc.

His son, J.S., the Third, lives in Washington, DC and is president of Century Bank and he has 3 children.
Searcy's daughter, Elizabeth (Machac) lives in Katy, has 3 children and works as a R.N. at Katy Hospital.

Fentress lives in Houston. He is a principal in Bracewell & Patterson, and is Chairman of the Port Commission. His daughter, Lyn (Phillips), lives in Houston has a son. She is married to District Judge Thomas Phillips and she is a professor at Rice University.

Bradley, Jr. lives in Houston and is a principal in his own
law firm. He has two


Leslie, Jr. lives in Houston and works as an electrician. He has 5 children. John is married. Mike is married and has a new daughter. Greg is married and has a daughter. Melinda is engaged. Lisa is still single. Stanley Grawl is still single.


Reginald's only child, Lynn, taught at Houston Baptist, recently lived in California and Hawaii. She is married to Ron Rathburn and presently
lives in Palm Springs,


Little Frank's widow, Susie, lives in Houston, she has recently recovered from several health problems. Their daughter, Nona Sue (Higginbotham) has one child
and lives in McComb,

Their second daughter, Judy {smith) has 3 children. She lives in San Francisco where her husband is pastor of the 19th Avenue Baptist Church.