May 18, 1978

** Photos**

Joseph Marion Bracewell
Jan 13, 1834
Sept. 13, 1906

Marths Emiline Bracewell
Apr. 4, 1844 - 1925

Dear Bracewell Kin,

It's time again for the Bracewell Reunion! We will gather at the same place, The Bedias Community Center, Sunday, June 4th, for our 42nd annual gathering of the descendents of Joseph Marion and Emiline Bracewell.

Pack your lunch and get there early for some extra visiting and a cup of coffee. If you come from far off don't worry about bringing lunch, just come on!

The program will start at 11:00 A.M. with our joint picnic type lunch at noon.

This year's reunion will be especially dedicated to William Barto Bracewell. We have the family tree up dated for this branch of the family and will spend some extra time discussing the good folks in the Barto Bracewell family.

We have uncovered a lot of new information on our ancestors which we want to share with you.


** Signature **

Ruth White
President, 1978

P.S. If you have old photographs or family heirlooms you can share with us, please bring them.