2220 Lotus Blossom
San Antonio, Texas 78247

May 23, 1975

Dear Bracewell Kin:

Take a quick look at your calendar and find that big circle around June 1 you marked last January. That's this Sunday, the first Sunday in June--time for the Bracewell Reunion.

Anyone with a knowledge of philosophers and poets could come up with some fine words about fellowship, friendship, and relations. We Bracewells have always valued close family ties. Without sermonizing, let me encourage you to come out next Sunday and say howdy to everybody.

We had a good turnout last year and everyone enjoyed themselves in the true Bracewell spirit. For those not present, new limbs added were: Melissa Irene Sloan, born to Laura (Rigby) and Buddy Sloan; Amanda Ruth White, born to Howard and Carla White; Robin Lynn Kubecka, born to Suzanne and A. C. Kubecka; and, Jay Walton Dooley II, born to Jay and Suellen Dooley. Patricia Dooley married Phillip Frye and David Glen Bracewell married Sue Getzen. Those who had passed away during the preceding year were: Alice Bracewell, Malcolm Bracewell, Hulon Hall, Donna Crowson, Gary and Connie Stevens, Horace Barnett, and R. C. "Bud" Shanks.

The treasurer reported that the Bracewell Descendents Memorial Fund had reached $1,354. You'll recall that this fund was set up in 1969to provide permanent maintenance of Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, where so many of our ancestors and relatives are buried. A goal of $2,000 was set with the intention of using the annual interest to pay for maintenance of the cemetery.

You're going to find our 1975 program really enjoyable. We didn't have to look far for the entertainment. Marilyn Taylor, who came into the family in 1972, is bringing along her guitar. She is a former entertainer with some impressive credentials, including a stint with TV star Jimmy Dean.

We know our mailing list is incomplete. (Only about 30 percent of our kin will receive this announcement.) We have attached it to let you see who is left off. Please get in touch with that son or daughter not listed and encourage them to come to the Reunion this Sunday. See you at the Community Center.

Very truly yours,

Travis T. Taylor