The Bracewell Reunion met June 3, 1973.  The meeting was opened by Pres. David Bracewell.  A song was led by Raymond with Ruby Phillips at the piano.  Opening prayer was by David after which he welcomed all present.  Another song was lead by Raymond and David gave the devotional.


For our program, we had a trumpet solo by David Glenn Bracewell and a duet by David Glenn and Gary Armstrong.  (son & son-in-law of David)


The minutes were read by Mary Bracewell in absence of Linda Massey.  They were approved.  It was agreed we buy plates, glasses, and the cleaning be paid out of the reunion fund.


Report was made on the centennial marker that was placed at Mt. Pleasant Cemetary.


New limbs added.


Travis Taylor married Marilyn                                   9-2-72

Born to Don & Phyllis Holder was Mark Travis               7-13-72

Born to Charles & Maudell Bracewell   " Rusha Lee        5-31-73

Born to James & Linda Massey   "  Rhonda Kay            5-29-73

Born to Vickie & Charles Carey was Danielle Yvette       11- 3-72

Brenda Farris Married Johnny Whitmire                       6-10-72         

Patricia Tuck married Brant Boozer

Born to them was Brant Clark Boozer Jr.                     7-  1-72

Born to Doris & Steve Donoto was Rosa Lee                1-16-73


The deceased of our family were Asbury Bracewell, L. C. Barnes, Angela Donoto and Lillian Tew Davis.


The history of the Bracewell clan was given by Joe Taylor.


The cemetery report was given by Raymond.


            The nominating committee selected Jerry Bracewell as Pres, Howard White as Vice-Pres. & Linda Massey Sec. Tres.  The officers were approved by all present.


            We were dismissed to lunch by prayer.


                                                                      David Bracewell - Pres

                                                                      L. Massey Sec - Tres

Bracewell Reunion                                              Mt. Pleasant Cemetary

Beginning                     52.83                     Beginning Balance        24.43

Deposited 6/6/73         94.75                     Pd mowing 6/12           12.00

Paid Joe - mailing         20.92                     Pd    "         7/14          12.00

Pd. Rent                       25.00

Pd. cleaning                    6.00

Pd. Cups & Ice              4.01


New Balance                                      91.65