MINUTES --  1971


            The Bracewell Reunion meet in Bedias Civic Center on June 6, 1971 for the 35th year of annual gatherings.  President Berta Lynn Bracewell welcomed all present and recognized visitors.  She gave special thanks to Joe & Travis Taylor for the paper "The Reunion"

           Raymond lead us in "When We All Get to Heaven" and "Revive Us Again".  Invocation was given by Roy Stone.  The devotional was given by W. J. Isgett on "Peace".  He read several verses throughout the Bible on his subject.

            Bertha & Leslie showed slides of old reunions.  It was very interesting and memorable to see and try to pick out relatives in the pictures.  The rest of the program was from Stone Binford.  He sang several folk songs.

            The business meeting was called to order with the reading of the minutes and treasury report.  Both were approved.  Treasury had $44.32 in Reunion fund and $85.28 in Cemetary Ass'n fund.

            Daddy (Raymond) gave a report on the Cemetary Asn.  He reported there was $770 in the permanent care fund for the cemetery.

            Memorial was read by Ruth White.  Our deceased were James Carlton Dooley, Reca Reid Bracewell, and Doris Dooley.  These were adopted and will be put into out permanent records.

           New limbs that were added are:

            Barto:               Sandy Lynn                  born to Steve & Frances Rigby 3-16-71

                                    Laura Rigby married Craig Stover                                             2-13-71

                                    Phillip Wayne Soldberg born to Alton  ????

                                    William Allan             born to  ??  and William Dale Cross   10- 9-66

                                    James C, Dooley married Betty Jean Scabtua                  6-14-70

                                    Dianna Dooley  "    Michael Hillhouse                               8-1-70

                                    Suzanne Risky            "    A. C. Kubecka                                 10-17-70

                                    Richard Dooley            "    Judy Ellen Schwartz                          3-27-71

            Joseph Benj.     Yuma Bracewell        born to Charles & Maudell Bracewell   7-25-69

                                    Nick Charles               "      "  Alton & Virginia Anderson            12-3-69

                                    Lynn                             married Charles Hacker                        12-19-70

                                    Cleo Bracewell     "       Chris                                       

                                    David Lee White           "       Carolyn Carr                                 12-5-70

            Walter              Damon Glen                 born to Vicki & Gary Armstrong       12-30-70

            Hugh                Darrell Hall                   married Sue Hicks                                  4-23-71

            Frank               Doris McQueen            married Steve Donato                             8-21-70

                                    Nancy McQueen              "         Mike Pifel                                 6-23-71

                                    Arden Bracewell              "          Margaret Cogburn                 

            Ida                   Rebecca Dawn born to Sue & Joe Turner                     10-26-70

(The following obviously refers to the memorials referred to above)  Unanimously adopted by the Bracewell Reunion June 6, 1971, with the understanding that a copy of this resolution be sent to the family and that the original be copied into the permanent minutes of the Reunion.

            The nominating committee nominated as President - Doyle Tuck, as Vice President David Bracewell, and Secretary Treasury - Linda Massey.  All were elected.

            We were dismissed by a song from Stone Binford & prayer by Gladys.

                                                                                   Pres. Berta Lynn Bracewell

                                                                                   SecTreas Linda Massey

Cemetary Association                                                        Bracewell Reunion

Bal 6/6/71                               85.28                  Bal 6/6/71                 44.32

Deposit 6/9/71                        21.15                 Deposit 6/9/               31.73
                                              106.43                                                   76.05

Disbursements:                                                             Pd Rent 25.00                          51.05

May '71                                   10.00

Summer mowing                       10.00                                       Pd from Collection)

Sept.  mowing                          10.00                                       Ice                   2.90)__ cash          

Oct        "                                 10.00                                       Cups                1.14)

March    "                                 10.00                                       Cleaning           5.00)

May       "                                 10.00     46.43                        

June 72      Deposit                   30.46


                                                                                                Pd rent                                     25.00

Can use interest                                                                        "   cups                                      3.75  ?

                                                                                                Pd Ice from collection              1.86

Pd July mowing                        10.00