MINUTES - 1970

On June 8, 1970, the Bracewell Reunion meet for the 34th year.  Raymond lead us in "When We All Get to Heaven" and "Promised Land".  President Dick Farris welcomed all and recognized visitors.

            Don Crowson presented the devotional on "Reunions" from John 3:12 and lead in a prayer.

            Joe Taylor in charge of program.  It was "Memories of Old Reunions."  He read minutes from June 5, 1939, which was 31 years ago.  He read "Tribute to Joseph and Emma Bracewell:" written by             Dooley.  Hulon Hall told about meeting a desendent from the brother of our founder.  Travis Taylor went through the limb of the tree.

            Resolutions were read for J. B. Rice, George Stevens, B. B. McWhorter, Mona Reid Bracewell, and W. E. Boney.  It was also noted that Bill Risky, husband of a  Bracewell desendent, had died.  Hulon moved that we add these resolutions to the records and Travis seconded it.  Joe read the notation on the program for the J. S. Bracewell Sr. Library.

            Minutes were read and approved.  Treasury report was given & approved.  The committee reports were given.  Cemetary  Report was give by Raymond.- - that the Mt. Pleasant Church had elected James Bracewell to serve on Cemetary Board.and Robert Lee Upchurch as depostor of Board.

            Nominating Committee - nominated Berta Lynn Bracewell as President, Joe Taylor and Dick Farris as co-Vice Presidents and Linda Massey as Secretary-Treasure.  These were elected.

            New limbs:

                  Vicky Bracewell married Gary Armstrong in 1965

                  Ricky Wayne born to Vicky & Gary Armstrong on Feb. 2, 1966

                  Robert               "   Kenneth & Shirley Farris  "  April 25, 1970

      Sue Bracewell's daughter Judy married William Howard Smith on August 3, 1970.

            We were dismissed by Stone Binford.

                                                                             Dick Farris - Pres.

                                                                              Linda Massey - Sec. Tres.

Cemetary Association                                                   Bracewell Reunion

Bal. 6/6/70           103.28                                     Bal. 6/6/70                    69.49

   Pd mowing      8.00                                             Pd. Rent    25.00         44.49

            10/26   10.00     85.28                                     Deposit       4.83   49.32

                                                                                    Pd 10/26 Mailing mat. 5.00  44.32


(No collection taken by mistake and some one donated $10.00 but $2.57 for ice, $2.60 for tea and glasses left $4.83)