On June 16, 1968, we met for the 32nd annual Bracewell Reunion at Bedias Civic Center.  President Ernest (Wilburn) Bracewell welcome all present and recognized visitors.  Druie Farris lead us in a prayer then Raymond led us in "Tell Me the Story of Jesus".  Ruth White brought the devotional on "Love is a language everyone understands", which was followed by another hymn "When We All Get to Heaven".  Mrs. Clyde Bracewell lead us in another prayer.

            Minutes were read and approved. Treasury Report showed balance of $106.41.  New limbs were added:

            Charles Bracewell married Maudell Blackburn              Sept. 1-67

            Kenneth Dooley       "           Barbara Jarvis                              June 9-68

            David Charles born to Don & Dorthey Crowson                       March 19, 1968

            Alissa Kathlyn born to Dickey & Bobbie Gail Farris                     "       19, 1968

            Shannon              "     "   Sue Nell Clemments                           June 2, 67

            Sam Jr.               Sam White                                           "  17, 67        

Made recognition to those in service.  They were Jimmy Southern in U. S. Navy & Horace Barnett, Jr. in U. S. Army in Viet Nam.

            Nominating committee had no report so we elected officers from house.  Dorothy Ford was elected President, Joe Taylor Vice-Pres. & Linda Massey, Sec-Tres.

            Joe Taylor made a suggestion to start a Memorial fund to see cemetery was taken care of in later years.  Ernest nominated him & Searcy, Jr. to look into cituation.  Joe also is working on Family tree.

            Ernest turned meeting over to Dorthey.  We discussed ways of renewing interest in reunion. Berta Lynn was nominated to head committee to plan entertainment for kids.

            Meeting was dismissed with prayer and everyone enjoyed a bountiful lunch & visiting.                                                   

                                                                                                Wilburn Bracewell, Pres.

                                                                                                Linda Massey, Sec

Resolutions were read & adopted for Eugene F. Bracewell

Mt. Pleasant Cemetary Assn.                                        Bracewell Reunion Fund

Bal on June 16, 1968                  78.01                         Balance on June 16, 1968                     106.41

Deposit June 17      32.55        110.56                          Deposit on June 17       21.70               128.11

Pd. for mowing 7/25/68  7.00  103.56              Notice Materials           10.00               118.11

 "     "       "       5/14/69   7.00    96.56                        Rent of Building:

 "     "       "       6/12/69   7.00    89.56                 10.00 air conditioning

Deposit as memorial for                                                    15.00 rent                                          93.11

    Ernest Bracewell by                                      Ice                                 2.04                 91.07

      Selma Bracewell        5.00     94.56                        Postage & cards               .50                 90.57

6/11/69 Deposit by Hazel

      Dooley & Annie

    Bracewell     15.00    109.56                                  

Paid  6.50 to Dorthey                                                   Ice 1.50                             Copied from

        25.00 rent                                                            Paper glasses 2.05              original by

          2.00 me                                                                                                        Mildred Powell

$31.75 collected - 2.00 to me                                                                                (as written)   4/08