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On Sunday, June 1, 1958, the Bracewells met at Mt. Pleasant Church for their twenty-second annual reunion.

Meeting called to order by President Kay Stone. Eaymond led the group in singing the Doxology. Invocation by Bro. W. C. Pruitt.

Song: Sweet Bye and Bye

Devotional: Romans 12, by Roy Stone

Songs: When We All Get to Heaven and Amazing Grace

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved. Gladys Hall called attention to the need of a new monument at the grave of Lizze, daughter of Joseph M. and Emmaline Bracewell. This was the first grave in the Methodist Cemetery at Bedias and present monument has become so deteriorated that lettering is illegible. Motion was made by Gladys that this years offering be designated as a memorial fund and be used to purchase a new monument, motion seconded by Earl; motion carried and surviving brothers and sister, namely Frank, Elbert, and Ida were appointed to select the marker.

Reginald, our historian and custodian of the family tree presented Mr. and Mrs. Mongold and Miss Watson of Pells City, Alabama, Mrs. Mongold and Miss Watson are direct descendants of James Bracewell, who was an uncle of Joseph M. Bracewell. Mrs. Mongold had much interesting data concerning the early history of the Bracewells.

H. E. Bracewell was introduced, and although he could not trace the lineage, his family came from Georgia where our fore­fathers once lived.

Other visitors were introduced and welcomed.

Additions to family tree:

Amanda - Daughter of Dorothy and Buster Ford. Jan. 3, 1958

Donna Loraine - Daughter of Dorothy & Don Crowson. Nov.6, 1958

Paul - Son of Bobble Merle and Cuthrell Rigsby.

Patricia - daughter of Annie Lou & Earl Druckhammer. Dec.9, 195?

Lois Bullock married Elton Tuck, July 19, 1957.

Merle Bradford married to W. C. Steed.

The secretary was asked to send cards to the sick, Ardell Bracewell and Falvey Smith.

The report of the nominating committee was given and the following officers were elected:

President - Hulon Hall

Vice President - Raymond Bracewell

Secretary Treasurer - Druie Farris

The President mentioned the plans of Mt. Pleasant Church to repair the building. Hulon stated since this is the meeting place of the Reunion and there are so many sacred memories connected with the place, he felt sure that everyone would like to help on this project. He made a motion that letters be sent each family of the group, giving everyone an opportunity to contribute, motion seconded by Gladys, motion carried. As incoming president, Hulon appointed committee to work on this namely: J. S. Bracewell, Raymond Bracewell, and Darrel Hall. Committee to establish permanent record: Reginald Bracewell, Stone Binford, and Elton Tuck. Hulon led in the closing song.

The afternoon session from 1:30 to 3:15 was devoted to group singing let by Raymond Bracewell, Earl Bracewell and Hulon Hall with Odessa Bracewell and Nell Bracewell at the piano. Old songs requests by the group were sung and enjoyed. Opening prayer was led by Mrs. Ruby Dooly.

Memorial Offering     $65.20

Balance June 1 125.33

Pd. to Roy Stone,

Expenses                     6.30

Balance                        119.03

Ray Stone - President

Druie Farris, Secretary