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                                                                                      May 24, 1980

Dear Joe,

          Enclosed are some U. S. Census records which add some light to the history of the Bracewell family.

          Of the sons of Richard III and Charity Scarborough, only Richard IV remained in Laurens Co.  James removed to Gwinnett Co., Wiley removed to Cherokee Co., Alabama, some time prior to 1840; William and family (except James Newton) removed to Dale County, Alabama, ca. 1847 and his half-brother, Kindred, and family followed about ten years later.  Kindred was born about 1812.

          Note that in 1870 William was still alive and that three of his daughters lived in his household.  Mary Ann and Rhoda Ann not married and Sarah Ann apparently a widow of Mims.  He may have been the Mr. H. O. M. mentioned on your page.

          In 1934 Uncle Barto and son Travis went back to Skipperville in Dale Co, Alabama.  Barto had been away 62 years, but found two boyhood chums who hugged him and begged him to stay.  Joseph Marion’s house was still standing.  Some people named Watson were living in it.  Barto said that just before they left for Texas (1872) he and his father and another man hewed out a log and made trough for a spring that was at the foot of a hill.  The Watsons told him it was still there.  Barto went down to see it and said except for the green water moss it looked just like it did when Joseph Marion put it there 62 years earlier.  Travis said that part of William B’s house was built of logs.

          I have not had time to examine all of the census records relating to the Bracewells but will continue to look for them.  Unfortunately, the first three census records of Georgia were destroyed when the British troops burned Washington in the 1812 War.

Have a big day next Sunday.

                                                                                (signed) Chas


These records locate:

Richard IV




William Jasper



Mary Ann

Benjamin S. 

Joseph Marion

Sara Ann

Rhoda Ann

Nancy A. E.