Somerville, Texas  77879


My Dear Cousin Searcy:

I was delighted to get a letter from you.  It was like a missel from the fading past from your precious father whom we all loved.  It was nice of Bill Kirkland to apprise you of my letter to him.  After he nudged me I remembered more than he mentioned.  Its fine to have had a dear friend like him.  Its also great and gracious to have had a family in our clan as pure and good as your esteemed parents.  I was very glad to have the information on yours and Fentress’s family.  I wish for them the greatest of prosperity and happiness.  But I was really elated to hear that your mother was yet with us and in good health. When you see or write to Cousin Lola please extend my kindest greetings. I am happy that you give your father credit for setting up your business.

I am happy that some of your family are continuing the “Broadway Plan”.  He thought so much of it.

Speaking of my father, few knew that he was a graduate of Southwestern University in Theology.  His efforts were bold but his life could be compared to characters in Grays Elegy.

The Bracewell Family as I remember them.  I go back to James Madison.  (My grandfather and Joseph Marion, his brother, who was your grandsire).  My grandfather was born in Georgia and went at a very young age to manage the technology of the Winder Crouch estate.  Crouch was not related but his foster daughter married my grandfather about 1850.  I should have mentioned this union took place at the planatation in Louisiana and all of their children were born there.  There was Winder Crouch, Joseph. Benjamin and Aunt Susan who married Bird Boney.

You may remember the Boney offspring.  To name a few there was Warren, Ruben, Ethel and I forget the others.  Grandpa came to Texas about 1877 at which time my father was 12 years old.  His people came to Corsecana while most of the others came to Grimes County. Most of those excepting me of my generation are dead.  Uncle Joe’s family except Thelma & Nancy.  All of Uncle Ben’s are gone – I have three (3) sisters living.  All of the Boney’s are dead.  I don’t believe they left anyone.  I have three sons and one daughter who is in the school business.  I have two grandchildren.  Relative to my family we have a land and oil business.  We have a producing field in Frio County.  Now, our property has grown in value. Both places are of the Austin Chalk formation.  My oldest son, Frank Winder, is general manager of both the residential and the land business.  The company was founded by me.  Now my wife, Rena and I serve in advisory positions.  Sure, I remember Cousin Joe well.  He and my father were very close.  I hadn’t heard about Reginald for a long time, I’m afraid he has gone on.

I have occupied myself the last several years by gardening.  It has been great to see the plants come through by my enhancement and develops.  But recently the weather of last summer turned very hot and dry, then the winter was severe and the rains persistant.  I had to give up and I have grown weaker.  After all I’m 80 years old.

I live a very rustic life here on the home ranch, Los Doce Alamos with my wife, Rena.

We have been greatly honored by having such an astute relative and his family as Cousin Searcy and his family.

Most cordially yours,

Bill Bracewell



Copied from the original by Mildred Powell