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                                                                                                August 10, 1981

Mr. Ronald Bracewell & Mr. Joe Taylor

Dear Ronnie and Joe:

            The “INDEX OF REVOLUTIONARY WAR PENSION APPLICATIONS IN THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES, BICENTENNIAL EDITION,” lists five Braswells (no Bracewells).  I sent for the four who were from North Carolina.  Each record consists of ten to fifteen pages, hand written and in some cases illegible because the photostat did not turn out well.  They are mostly affidavits sworn before a justice to prove service in the war.  By the time these depositions were made, our Bracewells were already in Georgia.  They may serve to clear up some of the family connections.  Trouble is, too many of these had the same given names.

            They are interesting to read (to me at least) so I enclose some order blanks in case you would like to obtain copies.  Mine won’t Xerox.

Here are some excerpts:

Richard Braswell, Claim # W4888, b. Wayne Cnty, N. C. in July, 1755, name of parents not given.  Application date at Anson Cnty, N. C., on Oct 11, 1832.  He had been living in Anson Cnty about 22 yrs.  Married in Oct, 1780, Wayne Cnty, to Penelope Blow.  Richard died Aug 20, 1839.  Widow Penelope was allowed pension on application dated July 25, 1840, at age 79 yrs.  She died Aug. 30, 1846 in Anson Cnty, N. C.  Their children:

Richard                       b. Oct  27, 1781

Delancy (f)                      May 14, 1782

Elizabeth                         July  22, 1784

Burwell                           Nov  30, 1787

Urvin    (m)                     Mar    2, 1790

Benjamin Blow               Jun   28, 1795

Pattey                              Sept 19   -----

Bryant                             Oct  22, 1799

Cullen                              Apr  18, 1801

            In 1851 the following were the surviving children:  Burwell, Benjamin, Elizabeth Dees, Bryant and Cullen.  C. E. Braswell, grandson of the soldier, was postmaster at Sneedsboro, Anson Cnty, N. C., in 1877.

Sampson Braswell, W 3930, brother of Richard above and husband of Lucretia Waide, b. Wayne Cnty, N. C., Married Dec. 21, 1780.  The two brothers served together and both moved to Anson Cnty.  Lucretia applied for widow’s pension on Jan 15, 1838 at age 74.  Richard gave affidavit at age 83.  Oldest son of Sampson & Lucretia was named Robert.

Jacob Bracewell, claim no. W3933, son of William and Anny Bracewell, b. Mar 7, 1763, Edgecombe Cnty, N. C.  Served five months as private in Capt. Edward Clinch’s company, Col. Thomas Eaton’s North Carolina Regt., was in battle of Brier Creek, served three months in Capt. Madry’s company, Col. Linton’s regt. And was in battle at Guilford Courthouse and in a battle near Camden.  Allowed pension Aug 28, 1832 in Edgecombe Cnty.  Died July 25, 1837.  Married Jul 9, 1789.  Nancy b. Dec. 3, 1772.  Nancy received pension Nov. 26, 1845.  She died July, 1855.  Their children:

Elizabeth                     b. Dec 22, 1791

Michajah                         Jul   26, 1793

Jacob                               Dec   6, 1795

Priscilla Mason                Nov.18, 1797

Sally                                Mar   6, 1800

Willie                               Nov 27, 1801

Peggey                                        Nov   1, 1803

Tempy                             Aug 14, 1805

Alexander Cotton            Oct    3, 1807

Nancy Mariah                 Sept 29, 1810    (?)

Micajah Thomas Cotton         10/ 1811

Roden                              Nov 20, 1813

Isaac Braswell, Claim No R 1165 (his claim was rejected, apparently from lack of documentation.  There are only three pages in the file.)  He filed in Edgecombe Cnty in Aug, 1836.  I am unable to read the manuscript because of poor Xeroxing.

I am enclosing order blanks for each of you in case you would like to read them in their original form.  The National Archives will bill you $3.00 for each set of records, or $12 total.

            I doubt that any of these old soldiers were in our direct line of descent, but they were no doubt related to our ancestors.

            Ronnie, I retired from dental practice on Mar 28 and we moved 100 miles northeast to a middle sized farm town.  We took up our golf game after many years in limbo.  Took lessons at Davis Muni from a very fine teaching pro, Jerry Lilledahl.  We’re still working on our swings, but are enjoying the game more than ever.  I aced a 133 yd par three the first round, but would be happy to settle for a par most of the time.  Barbara has trouble with her woods, but we spend a lot of time on the driving range, trying to shorten that backswing until we can get some accuracy.

            We sold our home in Burlingame and are renting here on a six month lease.  We didn’t know if we could adjust to the summer heat here, but it has been no problem.  In fact, we enjoy it.

            I hope these records will answer more questions than they provoke.

                        Best Wishes!

                                                                                    (signed) Chas

Copied from the original

by Mildred Powell