2519 Gayland Rd.
        Jacksonville, Fla. 32218


Mr. Joe Taylor
Houston, Texas 77079



Dear Mr. Taylor:

Thank you so much for sending me a notice of the Bracewell reunion.  How I would love to be there and see everyone but guess we can’t make it this year.  We were there two years ago for the special rememberance of my grand-father, Bartow Bracewell.  I am the daughter of Walter Tew and Corrie Bracewell.  We had such a wonderful time visiting with so many of our loved ones.  Merle, my husband enjoyed the occasion very much, too.

I do not remember uncle Walter at all but do remember his wife and Raymond.  The way I remember uncle Calvin is right funny.  Years ago when my sister, Lillian and I were visiting relatives in and around Bedias, we went by to see uncle Calvin.  Don’t remember how the subject of warts came up but I had a wart on one of my fingers and he asked me if I wanted him to take it off.  I said, “You can’t do that.”  But he went through the ritual of removing warts and then said, “Now, don’t think of it again.”  I passed it off as a joke but do you know when I did think of it again, the wart was gone.  That is how I rember him as it was so many years ago. 

Will you please send me one of the papers being prepared and any other information you may have about our family.  If there is any charge for this, please let me know.


                                    (signed) Frances White



Typed from the handwritten Original (as written) by: Mildred Powell




2519 Gayland Rd.

Jacksonville, Fla. 32218

April 26, 1978

Dear Cousin Joe Taylor,

            I do not know you, but I feel sure we must be cousins.  There are very few Bracewells I know except in our immediate family.  Living so far away and visiting there very seldom has given me little chance to see and know all my relatives.  I do appreciate your letter and all the information you sent me.  I too, am interested in family trees and you may have some information on the Tew family that I do not have.  And I would appreciate any you have.  So far as I know, none of the Tews lived in Texas but in and around Ala. and Ga.  From my grandfather down to my generation is all I can tell you.  (?) had a big family – six or eight brothers and three sisters.  His name was Daniel but always called Bud.  My grandmother Bracewell (Fannie Shanks) came to Ala. on a visit to see my great-grand-mother on my father’s side (Elvira Shanks Mulkey).  My mother, Corrie came with her and that is how they met.  They were second half cousins.  After my mother left for Texas, my father soon followed her.  They were married in 1910 and I was born in 1912.  My sister (Lillian Tew Davis) and I were the only children.  Lillian died of a heart attack Nov. 1972.  She has two daughters –

Carolyn Davis Pardue – one child Derek Pardue.

Shirley Davis Richwine – her children are Michael, Anna Raye, David, Daniel.

I hope you will add these to the family tree as they are grandfather Bracewell’s great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

            My husband, Merle White and I have no children.

            Merle and I are planning to attend the reunion this time.  I have always wanted to attend one but never had the chance as I was always in school at that time.  I retired from teaching school two years ago and my husband retired last year.  I really am looking forward to seeing every one at the reunion and I know that must be a most happy occasion.  Thanks again for your letter.


                                                                                                (signed) Frances T. White


Copied from the handwritten original (as written) by: Mildred Powell