There were five brothers who accompanied mother Mary to this country around 1850.  One history says they left England Feb. 17, 1849, while another says they reached this country in 1850.  One wonders if the voyage could of took that long, but from all accounts it was a long journey and in an open sailing vessel.  The five brothers were Hartley, his wife Margaret and a 4 year old Broughton, Henery, Starkie, John and James.  On the journey little Broughton became ill, possibly of polio, and he was slightly crippled in his leg for the rest of his life.  The family landed in New Orleans and proceeded up the Mississippi River to Illinois where they were found living in Greene County in the 1850 census.  They had intended to go direct to Iowa when they left England, but were so low on funds that they stayed in Illinois until they could acquire more.  They were a family of weavers in England, but were also skilled carpenters.  Part of the family did carpenters work while others farmed to earn money.  Eventually all of them settled in Wayne County, Iowa, some as early as 1854, while others did not migrate until as late as 1866.

There father died in England in 1846.  From all indications there were two sisters who did not accompy the mother and the brothers to America.  Anice is said to have died of scarlet fever and of course buried in England.  Alice married a man named Nelson and to of had a family there in England.

The Bracewell history you have received contains information on the five brother who came to America with their mother Mary.  It was felt that as much information as was available should be included to show where the brothers settled and were buried.

It should be noted that no separate family group sheets were iniated for those marriages where no children were born.

Included is one blank family group sheet.  It is suggested that you Xerox several spares and than each family process there family tree proceeding from where this packet terminates.

My sincere thanks and apprecation to all those family members who responded and provided much needed information.  Space will not permit me to name all of you but a special thanks to Carl Bracewell and family, to Carolyn Cox Ericson who provided so many address’s and to Gary Bracewell who with my help started the history and than gave it to me to finish.  True it has been a lot of work but we now have some history in writting.

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