The village of Bracewell including the Bracewell Parish Church and before it was destroyed the Bracewell Hall is located near Colne, England in Yorkshire County.  Specifically you leave Colne via the Colne Gisburn road.  Between these two cities lies Barnoldswick and just after passing Barnoldswick you proceed one and a half miles and up on a hill lies Bracewell Village.  The post office is on the right and the Bracewell Parish church is on the left.  Directly behind the Church lies the cemetery and the old Bracewell hall laid some 75 yards beyond.  The hall was demolished in 1952 for tax purposes Due to its size.  It consisted of some 35 rooms and was three stories high plus a full basement.  The third floor being for storage and a series of small maids rooms.  Every room in the complex had a fireplace.  A spiral stair case provided access to floors above ground.  One room in what I considered the east wing was some 30x50 ft in size with a protruding balcony extending out from the second floor level for about 4 to 5 feet.  I can only acertain it was used delivery of religious services.

My wife Mildred and daughter Judy and I were unable to determined when the hall was vacated but did learn it was used during WWII to house British troups in training and was later used by a local engineering firm.  When we saw it in the summer of 1952 it was about one fouth destroyed.

Grandfather John Bracewell died in England in 1846.  Grandmother Mary and her five sons sailed form England in late 1849 and landed in New Orleans in 1850.  Hartley Bracewell and wife Margaret Broughton and son Broughton, who was about 4 years of age, was one of the 5 brothers.

Grandmother Mary and sons Henry and Starkie and some of there families are buried in the Greenridge Cemetry southwest of Allerton, Iowa some 3 miles south of the old Bracewell homestead.  The old grave markers are becoming sererly weather beaton and much of the inscriptions are unreadable.  Therefor I feel for the records names and dates should be in print and kept within the family.  In June 1980 Neva Bracewell, James and Mildred Bracewell and Gary and Marles Bracewell observed the following graves and are certain from records and from reading the deteriated markers the following dates and names to be valid.

Mary   Wife of John Bracewell, Born in Yorkshire, England, Feb. 9, 1900

            Died Jan. 11, 1888

Henry   Born Feb. 25, 1826                Died Oct. 29, 1871

             His wife Ann   Marker unreadable other than name

There daughter Gertrude died Nov. 22, 1888

Starkie   Born 1833  Died Mar. 29, 1893

Wife M. E. Bracewell  (known as Mary)

On Starkies marker are the following inscriptions.  On the north side I am going home when the storms of life are O’er, on the happy golden shore.   On the south side.  Im going home to stay where the tree of life is blooming.  Meet me there.

There were other inscriptions on all markers but were unreadable due to deteration.

                                                                        James N. Bracewell

                                                                        Typed June 8, 1980


Copied to computer as written by Mildred Powell Sept. 25, 2006