I have received information in response to my inquiry to MICROGEN concerning

Robert Bracewell, first Bracewell in America and son of Richard of London.  All of the information sent is from church records.  The most significant information in the response is the relatively large number of Bracewell entries in the record over a one hundred year period.  I say relatively large since I only found three listings in the London telephone directories when I checked them there in 1980.

Apparantly the Bracewells produced mostly girl children, changed the spelling of the name or just died out.  There are many listings in Cork County in 1600 – 1700 also.

The specific reference to Robert is that he was christened 13 October 1611 in London County in Holborn, St. Andrew Parish.

Other entries indicate other christenings of Richard’s children, namely: 

Jone Bracewell (F) 4 December 1605, London St. Bride Fleet Street, and 

            Thomas Bracewell 8 July, 1610, Holborn, St. Andrew.

An additional entry could be Richard Brasewell the father (?) christened 7 June 1584, Lincoln County, Town of Kirton in Lindsey church.  His father was named Robert.  We might assume that he would later name his own son Robert.


Joe Taylor, September 1981

Copied from original