The Bracewell Archive is a collection of family photos and documents that have been collected and stored with multiple backups to protect them for future generations to enjoy and learn about their family history. These files will be shared through the various websites maintained by the Bracewell Family Reunion.

The idea for the Bracewell Archive started shortly after the 2004 reunion. Raymond Bracewell had a collection of reunion documents that he contributed to help start the family website. As more documents were collected a computer crash lost hundreds of genealogy files and a year of active research. A need for redundant back up as needed.

The first Archive backup was stored on floppy disk and CD's. After a second couputer crash I learned the need to back up automaticly and often. A separate external backup hard drive was purchased with automatic back up software.

From 2005-2010 with growing digital and paper research collections, a need to proper archive to protect our family documents was needed. A 4gb online back up was completed monthly, along with local backups. Paper documents were stored in a small fire safe.

Today the archive consist of original documents stored in a large fire safe, digital backups stored in fire safe, digital backups stored on multiple redundant online storage, Redundant local storage for everyday use, and Google Drive for sharing and storeage.

2016 with help from Richard Luke we are researching how to convert the entire document archive to PDF so it can be easily searchable and shared.



BRACEWELL WEBSITE EVALUATION started back in May, 2000 as a way to put the Joseph Marion Bracewell descendant's family tree online. The site started simply as standard HTML using free software to converter GEDCOM files into HTML pages. Later that year the site grew into a way to store and share documents that had been collected from 60+ years of family reunions. These documents grew to over 300. Each document was hand typed then coded to HTML for the web. Mildred Lee Steed transcribed many of these from original reunion document contained in Joe Taylor's files.

In 2001 several people donated additional documents and the site continued to grow and to an unmanageable 2,000+ pages of HTML. Before long the site became to large and additional software had to be purchased.

In 2004 the site contained over 2000 pages of information with 300 Bracewell document and 350 family photos. Family Tree files were converted to new formats that allow them to be downloaded and viewed on all computer systems. The family website was receiving 50-100 hits per month and family researchers were active contributing additional research.

June, 2004 The site was moved to a new home that allowed for continued growth and new features. visitors doubled in March of 2004 from the previous year. The site received over 300 visitors per month for a total of 8,000 Visitor from 2001 when the site was started. Over time the site continued to grow and new servers had to be purchased to keep up with this growth. As new software became available and idea sparked of using original documents as a way to research.

January, 2007 the first document archive was started. The archive contained several hundred images of documents on an ftp server. The documents could be downloaded and viewed by all family members around the world.

Mid 2007 the second revision of the archive was started. This used CMS software, custom modules, and a photo album to store the documents. The site grew to include, as site dedicated to active research on the Bracewell surname.

January 2016 marked the 80th annual Bracewell Reunion. For this occasion and full website upgrade taking two years to complete was released.