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The following list was compiled by Mildred Steed Schmidt, in May 2001, when we honored our veterans on our program. Source documents include the "HONOR ROLL" given me by Mildred Taylor Powell, who saved it from the 1946 Bracewell Reunion; recent correspondence and telephone conversations. If there are other additions and/or corrections, mail to Mildred Schmidt at 104 Berkshire, Bellaire, TX 77401-5310.


Richard Bracewell - served in 1st South Carolina Regiment (research by Joe Taylor)



Joseph Marion Bracewell (came to Grimes Co. with wife, Martha Emiline James, in 1872, from Laurens Co. Georgia. Both buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery) CONFEDERATE ARMY (discharged at Greensboro, North Carolina)

David Dooley (Ruby Bracewell, Barto's daughter, married Will, David Dooley's son). David & wife, Caroline burred at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery) CONFEDERATE ARMY



Robert Rudolph Tuck (died of influenza while serving in ARMY in Europe. Baytown VFW Post #912 is named for Rudolph, Emma Bracewell & Arthur Tuck's first son) Emma Branch

Ernest Wilburn Bracewell (son of Joseph Benjamin & first wife, Mollie Shanks) ARMY Charles Emmet Bracewell (son of Joseph Benjamin & first wife, Mollie Shanks) ARMY,

1st Infantry Division. Joseph Benjamin Branch

C. Carter Steed (Winnie Bracewell, Barto's daughter, married Carter Steed) NAVY



Joseph Searcy Bracewell (son of J. Searcy Bracewell & wife Lola) Joseph Benjamin Br. ARMY - served on Gen. Patton's Staff as Supply officer.

Bradley Fentress Bracewell (son of J. Searcy Bracewell & wife Lola) Joseph Benjamin Br. NAVY

Ernst Wilburn Bracewell (son of Ernest Bracewell - Joseph Benjamin Branch) NAVY

David Reed Bracewell (son of Earl Bracewell - Walter Branch) ARMY Engrs-India

John David Heath (son of Emma Bracewell - U.G."Hugh" Branch) ARMY – Stateside

Gerald Powell (married Mildred Taylor - Walter Branch) ARMY - European Theater

Otto W. Schmidt (married Mildred Steed - Barto Branch) NAVY - Europe & Pacific

Roscoe Falvey Smith Sr. (son of Buna Bracewell & Ray Smith) U.C."Hugh" Branch

Note: Searcy, Ernest, David, John, Gerald, & Otto of above list attended 2001 Reunion and, spoke on the program.


Baldwin, Phillip (married Penny, daughter of Jewel Bracewell Nichols) Walter Branch

Charles Selwyn Bracewell (son of Charles Emmett Bracewell & wife Rebecca)

Emmett Fred Bracewell (son of Charles Emmett Bracewell & wife Rebecca)

Joseph Benjamin Branch    Both Selwyn & Fred served in ARMY

James Malcom Bracewell (son of Edward Frank & wife, Mollie) Edward Frank Branch

U.C. Bracewell Jr.        (son of Hugh Bracewell & wife, Alice)         U.C." Hugh" Branch

Ben J. Bracewell
Luther Earl Bracewell
James Dooley       (son of Ruby Bracewell Dooley) Barto Branch. ARMY
Pat Dooley                                          (same as above)
W. D. Dooley                                      (same as above)

Kyle Eakins (son of Betty Bracewell Eakins)       U.C."Hugh" Branch

J. C. Eidson (husband of Barbara Bracewell, daughter of Charles Emmett & Rebecca

               Bracewell) Joseph Benjamin Branch

Leroy Grawl (son of Bertha Bracewell Grawl) Joseph Benjamin Branch

Stanley Grawl              (same as above)

Hulon Hall (son of Effie Bracewell & Roy Hall)                     U.C."Hugh" Branch
Charles C. Heath (son of Emma Bracewell Heath)                   U.C."Hugh" Branch
Elton Hines
W. T. Hughes
B. B. McWhorter
Malcom McCain
Ervin F. Nesmith (son of Beulah Bracewell Nesmith)      Joseph Benjamin Branch


Dr. William Shanks Peavy (son of Anna Bracewell Peavy) Barto Br AIR FORCE - Europe

Mitchell O. Sadler

Jerry Sadler

B. W. Sadler

Ralph Sheffield

Dr. Bert B. Smith

Falvey Smith Jr. (son of Falvey Smith Sr.)                            Joseph Benjamin Branch
Travis Smith
Edwin Smith
Bill Southern (married Alma Glyn Bracewell)                       Joseph Benjamin Branch

Arthur Elton Tuck (son of Emma Bracewell & Arthur Tuck) Emma Branch

Garland Darrell Tuck (son of Joseph Grady Tuck Sr.)             “

Erwin Tuck                                                                              “

Edwin Tuck                                                                             “

Grady Tuck, Jr.                        (son of Joseph Grady Tuck Sr.)                       “

R. H. Ward

John Martin Ward

Airley Ward


Curtis White (married Ruth Bracewell) Joe Benjamin Branch

Kenneth Williams (son of Vivian Tuck Williams)       Emma Branch

Note: the following people were from the 1946 HONOR ROLL:


Durwood Ballard

Pleas Ballard

G. W. Ballard

Lyndol Ballard

Richard Dick Barnes

Harold Barnes

W. G(us) Barnes

Hugh Barnes

George Barnes

M. B. Barnes

Ardell Bracewell. ( Barto's son with wife Arah)

Frank Boney Jr.

Robert Brown

Note: At the 2001 Reunion, Raymond Bracewell said that he thought Emiline James' sister married a Barnes, and this explains the Connection of the Barnes men on the 1946 Honor Roll.


POST WORLD WAR II ERA(Peacetime, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm)

Don Holder (married Phyllis Dooley, daughter of James Dooley) Barto Branch Served 31 years, VIET NAM through Occupation Period & DESERT STORM 1966-1997 retired with rank of General.

Joe Taylor (son of Ruby Bracewell Taylor) Walter Branch ARMY early 1950's

Travis Taylor"     "     "       "       "     "    AIR FORCE 1950's

Willis C. Steed (son of Winnie Bracewell & Carter Steed) ARMY 1950's Stateside Barto Branch

Curtis Bracewell (son of Charles Emmett & wife Rebecca) NAVY 1950's (now deceased) Joseph Benjamin Branch

Kenneth Farris (son of Druie Bracewell & S. R. Farris) AIR FORCE 1957-1967 Edward Frank Branch

Participated in 2001 program; participated in Cuban Missle Crisis Oct. 1962

Sam Bracewell Farris (son of Druie Bracewell & S. R. Farris) AIR FORCE 1951-1955 (now deceased) Edward Frank Branch Reserves until 1962

POST WORLD WAR I1 ERA (continued)

Weldon Hall (son of Gladys Crowson & W. L. Hall)   NAVY 1961-1966 Viet Nam

Ida Bracewell Branch

Charles O. Carey (married Vicki Hall, Gladys' daughter)         ARMY 1969-1970 Germany

Ida B. Branch

Larry Perkins (son of Anna Lyn Peavy Perkins Daniels) ARMY 1963-1965 Korea

Barto Branch

Ronnie Perkins (same as above) NAVY 1964-1966 Viet Nam

Participated in 2001 Reunion. Previously served as President for several yrs.


Charles T. Bracewell (son of Charles Selwyn Bracewell & wife Lois)

Joseph Benjamin Branch                NAVY 1968-1972 Viet Nam

Kenneth Dooley (son of W. D. Dooley & wife Ola Mae) ARMY 1970-1978 Okinawa,

Barto Branch Ft. Bragg, Arizona, Korea, Ft. Hood

Interesting note: served under General Patton's son; related incident at 2001 Reunion



Michael Schan Daniels (grandson of Anna Lynn Peavy & Alvie Daniels; son of Bill Daniels & wife Judy) Barto Branch

Graduated from the AIR FORCE ACADEMY 2001 - Doing post graduate work.

Cameron Bracewell (son of Curtis Bracewell) NAVY

Joseph Benjamin Branch

Cynthia Bracewell (daughter of Donnie Bracewell) NAVY

Joseph Benjamin Branch

Harvey Pierce Heath (son of Charles Heath) U.G.Hugh Branch - MARINES Served in Phililpines, California, North Carolina, Persian Gulf; Presently in 6th Engineer Battalion, Portland, Oregon.