In Memoriam

As the years go by, the Biblical "Dust thou art to dust they returneth" becomes a reality as some of our number must needs cross the Jordan.

Just as God is immortal, man is mortal and after a brief time on earth must leave it for another. That is the plan of the universe and though the parting with dear ones is always sad, if our faith is strong it should be glad for the Master said, "I go to prepare a place for you.

Having lived out their time on earth and gone to their reward are the following:

1. Joseph Jackson Bracewell, known by us as "Cousin Joe," was born July 17, 1863 and passed away last fall. He was the son of James Newton Bracewell, and Grandson of William Bracewell.
At the time of his death he was living at Liberty, Texas, and is survived by four sons, John, Jack, Carl, and Joe, Jr., and two daughters, Mrs. Thelma Surrey of Houston and Mrs. Nanie (?) Sheldon of Port Arthur.

2. Effie Hall, born Effie Bracewell, passed away Nov. 1, 1946. She was born Feb. 8, 1893 of Hugh and Alice Bracewell and was married to Roy Hall Apr. 21, 1912. Surviving her are her husband, Roy Hall, and three sons, Adrian, Hulen, and Darrell.

3. Andrew Calvin Bracewell passed away in October (?) 1946. He was born son of Joseph Marian Bracewell on Nov 17, 1867, at Coffeville, Alabama, and was married to Dolly Harrison Dec. 22, 1887. Surviving him is one son, Arnold Calvin Bracewell.


Author Unknown