Ann Bracewell
b. ca. 1650 – d. before May 29, 1683

Ann Bracewell, b. ca. 1650, married James Bagnall in 1667. In the record, (Marriages of Isle of Wight 1628-1800) she was listed as daughter of Robert Bracewell, minister.

James Bagnall was the son of Roger Bagnall who had settled in Isle of Wight as early as 1635 where he patented 350 acres of land. Roger Bagnall made his will on October 19, 1647. (Wm. and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 7, p. 219). In his will he lists wife Rebecca and son James. Rebecca received all land and personalty (sic) until son James was of age.

Rebecca Bagnall, widow of Roger, married a second time to Richard Izard. This was the same Richard Izard who was appointed as guardian by Robert Bracewell, minister, for his two sons, Robert, Jr. and Richard II.

Ann Bracewell was deceased before May 29, 1683, for on that day a patent was issued to Thomas Parker and James Bagnall for 470 acres of land. (Southside VA Families, Boddie, p. 86). This patent stated that Thomas Parker had married the widow of Peter Montague, who left two daughters, Dorothy and Sarah, the latter of whom had recently married James Bagnall. His second wife therefore was Sarah Montague.

James Bagnall’s will was proven by John Bathy April 9, 1702. He mentions daughters, Rebecca, Mary and Sarah Bagnall, sister Martha Rutter, wife of Walter Rutter, sons Robert, Nathan, and Joseph.

The children of James Bagnall and Ann Bracewell appear to be Rebecca, Mary, Joseph, and Robert.

The children of James Bagnall and second wife Sarah Montague were Sarah and Nathan.

---copied, as written, from information furnished by Braswell kin