Joseph  Marion Bracewell and wife, Emeline Bracewell, came to Texas from Alabama in the year 1872 and settled in Grimes County at Appalonia.  At that time they had three children, Barto, Joseph Benjamin, and Walter.  They lived at Appalonia about four years and Uriah Clark was born.  In the year 1873 they moved to the Bedias Community and settled a place about three miles east of the town. The old Bracewell place still stands after more than seventy years.

At this new home Edgar Franklin was the first child to be born.  Two years later Emma, a girl, was born, and during the ‘Roaring 80’s’ two more children were born, Elbert Lee, a boy, and Ida Abbie, a girl.

Joseph Marion and his wife were very religious, and were charter members of the Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, located about four miles east of the town of Bedias.  The original church still stands and is the annual meeting place of the Bracewell reunion which is held the first Sunday in June each year.  They lived about three miles from the church, and would drive to church in their two-horse hack loaded with a large assortment of “little Bracewells”.

This pioneer family played an important role in the early history of Bedias, and all of the above children married, reared large families, and lived in and around Bedias a major part of their lives.  Many of their ancestors still live in and around there.

                                                                                     ---Copied.  Written about 1943-44