Joseph Benjamin Bracewell

Second Child of Joseph Marion and Emiline Bracewell

Born July 27, 1863 Laurensville, Alabama

Died December 30, 1941 Bedias, Texas

Buried at Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetary, Bedias

Joseph Benjamin was born while his father was in the Confederate Army.  He was 18 months old when Joseph Marion walked back home from Greensboro, North Carolina at wars end.

Times were very hard all over the South during reconstruction, and in 1872 Joseph Marion, his brother James Newton, and a kinsman named Jim Ward decided to move to new lands in Texas.  Nine year old Joseph Benjamin landed with the family in Galveston, and the whole group wagoned to Appleonia in southern Grimes County.  After farming this land for several years, the family moved on to the Bedias area where Joseph Benjamin grew to manhood.

At the age of twenty-three, Joseph Benjamin was married to Mollie Shanks, October 20, 1886.  From this union came seven children:

            Ernest Wilburn                                    October 26, 1888

            Charles Emmett                                  February 26, 1890

            Joseph Searcy                                      June 9, 1892

            Beulah Bertha                                     May 9, 1895

            Bertha Elvira                                       August 4, 1902

            Reginald Shanks                                 April 4, 1904

            Benjamin Franklin (Little Frank)        March 7, 1909

After Aunt Mollie’s passing July 13, 1913, Joseph Benjamin took a second wife, Herman Rikard and two additional children were born:

            Ruth Cornelius                                    February 10, 1922

            John Bunyon                                       April 13, 1924

Joseph Benjamin never missed a Bracewell reunion while he lived.  He was 78 years of age at his death.