b. ca. 1766, d. Sept. 3, 1818

Richard Bracewell, son of Richard Bracewell, was born in North Carolina. He moved with his father to Washington County, GA around 1780-82.

In 1793-94 he married Charity Scarborough and their first child, James, was born in Allen’s Fort, located on the Oconee River in what is now Laurens County, GA. Richard and Charity had three more sons: Richard, Wiley, and William.

Charity died in 1804 and Richard later married a Miss Carlisle and had two sons, Kindred and Allen, by this marriage.

On July 25, 1815, Richard bought from William Mathers, Sr. Lot #206 (202 ½ acres) including a dwelling house, in Laurens County for $500. On this same date Richard executed three promissory notes to Williams Mathers, Sr.; one for $150 payable January 1, 1817; one for $150 payable January 1, 1818; and one for $200 payable January 1, 1819. This indenture was made to secure notes and if Richard paid off on time the notes were to be voided. (DB-D-146)

On July 19, 1815 Richard bought from Mathers for $500 Lot #205. To secure this note Richard gave to William Mathers one Negro named Joe. (DB-D-148) Lots #205 and #206 were located in Pinetucky District of Laurens County, GA.

Richard died on September 3, 1818 at about 50 years of age. On Tuesday, January 5, 1819, it was ordered that a letter of administration on the estate of Richard Bracewell, deceased, be granted to James Bracewell, on his giving bond with Bryan Allen and Sampson Bracewell securities in the sum of $10,000. (Minutes of Inferior Court)

In January 1821, Wm. D. Daevnman, in right of his wife and the heirs of Richard Braswell, deceased, asked that the court appoint someone to examine and divide the estate of Richard Braswell. This was done and a short time later the examiners reported that it being impractical to appraise and divide the estate, ordered that the property be exposed to sale at public sale at the courthouse on the first Tuesday in April of 1821 in order to be divided. (Minutes of Inferior Court, p. 150). The security for James Bracewell was discharged on November 6, 1821 and the estate settled.

A motion was made to the Inferior Court on Monday November 6, 1820 that George Linder be appointed guardian for Kindred and Allen Bracewell, minors of Richard Bracewell, deceased. (p. 142 Minutes of Inferior Court)

In the sale of the property of Richard Bracewell in April 1821, it appears that Lot #205 may have been obtained (bought) by Sampson Bracewell, and Lot #206, was bought by William Bracewell, son of Richard, deceased. This is based upon the record showing Sampson Bracewell, Sr., selling to William Bracewell on February 14, 1831, for $150 Lot #205 (202 ½ acres). (DB-J-59) On November 27, 1839 William sold to Richard Bracewell, probably his brother, for $500, 140 acres being the south half of Lot #206. Wit. Sampson Braswell (DB-R-133). On December 27, 1831, William sold half of Lot #205, which he had bought from Sampson, to Eason Green for $75. (DB-J-94)