84th on the 85th BRACEWELL REUNION
April 18, 2021
Civic Center in Bedias, Texas

All Bracewell relatives are encuraged to attend as we gather to share in our common ancestry and family history.
 Family members should join our Facebook page and our event RSVP and see more event details.
Bracewell Archive Document Count
Updated: 04-07-2018
Bracewell Genealogy Archive   3,121  -  2.91gb
Bracewell Photo Archive           1,855  -  7.04gb

Ancestry Family Tree People  3,006  -  122X2.5 ft
Ancestry Photos                         834                    
Ancestry source Records         6,762                    
By popular demand we have created a Facebook page for the Bracewell Reunion and genealogy.
You can visit the page and like us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/BracewellFamily/

The goal of the Facebook page is to bring awareness to the reunion and genealogy efforts, and to bring people together on a popular platform.